Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to the Sanguine Brotherhood!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. I have been playing 40k since around 2005 when my friends and I decided to try something new for those rare times we weren't playing Dungeon's & Dragons. Little did we know that 40k would soon take the place of our beloved D&D! Since then I have been pretty much playing 40k non-stop.

My first army was Tau, and I chose them because they looked really cool and matched my play style of fast moving tanks with big guns. I convinced my buddy Lars (Farseer Fail) to part with some of his Tau models he wasn't using anymore. It started with a few tanks, and quickly added up to a massive collection that now totals about 8000 points. I played Tau for about a year or two, and did fairly well. I was pretty successful, but I finally got sick of the games coming down to my alpha strike and/or whether my opponent could get me into assault or not.

It was around Dundracon 2006 when I discovered the Sanguine Brotherhood. I was sifting through the flea market at Dundracon when I stumbled upon a beautifully painted Blood Angels army. Thinking it was going to be out of my price range, I asked the guy how much he wanted for the army. I was amazed when I offered the guy $80 and he accepted. Not wanting to lose out on the deal, I quickly asked my buddies Carl (Independent Characters Podcast) and Jim to loan me $40 to complete the transaction. That was just the beginning of my infatuation with the Blood Angels, and since then I have pounded the enemies of The Emperor and grown the chapter with much passion! What I like most about them is their story, and a little bit of the duality of their nature. In one sense they are on the cusp of insanity, and on the other side they are a very noble and regal chapter. As with Tau, their style epitomizes what I like most in an army -- fast moving and hard hitting.

I also have a few other armies besides Blood Angels and Tau; most notably two flavors of IG -- Death Korps of Krieg and a custom flavor of Elysian troops using Cadians with modified heads and backpacks. My favorite army is the Blood Angels by far though. 

As for me, I love the hobby aspect of the game! I will spend a lot of time building models and magnetizing everything in my army. I want everything to look nice, but it's a struggle. My two biggest problems are that I have a very demanding job which doesn't allow me as much time as I would like, and I hate painting! To illustrate my point, I think I have become an expert in stripping the paint off of models that I didn't like how they were painted and wanted to begin again. Beyond just the models, I have invested a lot of time in other aspects of the hobby. I have invested a lot of time outfitting my garage with a gaming table, and a lot of nice terrain.

Having said that, I consider myself a competitive player. I very much enjoy the tournament scene and trying to outwit my opponent on the battlefield. I love to play for fun, but I prefer it most when my opponents bring it and force me to think on my feet! Since about late 2006/early 2007, I have been entering as many 40k tournaments as I could go to. I've played in the last four Dundracon Rogue Trader Tournaments, the last three Kublacon tournaments, and recently I went to my first Adepticon (more on that later).

My hope is that this blog is a bit of an outlet for me. I intend to use it as a way to chronicle my adventures with the Sanguine Brotherhood, offer tips and tricks for strategy and tournament play, and cover some of my hobby activities with the game. I will also endeavor to overcome my hatred of painting, and maybe share some of my works with everyone along the way.

Anyway, that's it for me for now. I hope to post at least a few times a week, time permitting. Thanks for following me, and any feedback is extremely welcome!

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